Parenting Forum Update - October 9, 2010

From Kathy and Shaila

We were hoping to continue the forum meetings through the school year, however, due to inconsistent attendance we are curtailing them for now. We thank those of you who attended and we sincerely hope that your participation at the forum enriched your parenting experience.

We invite you to 'stay with us' through email and Facebook and of course, our classes and other offerings. You might even see us back here on the blog! We will let you know. In the meantime, we look forward to new possibilities - we're not sure what they are yet, but we are looking forward with anticipation and open minds and hearts!

Reach Kathy Salazar at and on Facebook at Practical Parent Talk.
and Shaila Saint at

We extend our sincere gratitude to Jason and Eric and all the dedicated volunteers at Catalyst Community for welcoming and accomodating us so graciously and generously. We invite and encourage all of you, 'our parents' to continue to support Catalyst with your donations and by attending their events.

"Ending the Morning Madness" with Kathy Salazar

Thursday, September 30, 2010

EVENT CANCELED. If you are disappointed and would like to attend this workshop at another time please let us know and we can arrange it.

If the words CRAZY, FRUSTRATING, OR EXASPERATING describe your mornings as you and your children start your day, please keep reading!

It is possible to change your morning scenario. Attending this interactive workshop will leave you feeling empowered and in control because you will have a plan to make the changes needed to create mornings that help you and your children face the day with joy and anticipation! It can be done – and you and your children are worth it! See you Thursday!

The "Back to School" Family Balancing Act with Shaila Saint

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A new school year...

A new year of working to balance:
school schedules
sports/activities schedules
study schedules
meal schedules
family time/alone time schedules
schedules, schedules, schedules...

Feeling a little overwhelmed and out of balance???

Join me this Thursday for a fun and thought provoking evening where we'll learn some strategies for finding our family "balance" while practicing some actual balancing of our own!
Wear loose and comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely, and don't forget your journal/notebook and a friend!

Looking forward to a fun and "Centering" Thursday night!

Sibling Relationships with Shaila Saint

Thursday, August, 26, 2010

Okay, so it's late August...your children have been together ALL SUMMER...are you ready to get some support?

If so, come and join me this Thursday night.

We'll talk about our children, our goals for their relationships, and effective strategies to cultivate the vision we have for them for the future.

Whether your children are 5 months-old or 15 years-old, this forum is for you!

Don't forget your journal/notebook, your wisdom and insights and to bring a friend!!

See you Thursday!

Taming Power Struggles

Thursday, August 19, 2010
with Kathy Salazar

Do you find yourself in power struggles without knowing how you got there or how to escape? Pickup and practice some new language strategies that actually prevent the battles, defuse conflict and empower both you and your child to search for and reach positive solutions. Emphasis is on the ‘power of choice’ for children and parents, maintaining parental influence and teaching responsibility and respect. Appropriate and applicable to parents of children of all ages - toddlers to teens.

If you need a boost in your effectiveness in handling power struggles you won't want to miss this popular session!

Understanding Brain Development: Why Does My Child Do That?

Thursday, August 12, 2010
with Tova Pusl, Parent educator and co-founder, Functional Families

Parenting magnifies a range of feelings: joy, frustration and anger. We are often mystified by our child's behavior. Looking at how the brain grows and develops can help us to better understand behavior and ways to direct and shift our relationship with our child.

Join me in a discussion of brain and child development, where parents will learn age appropriate expectations for our children's behavior and understand why they do what they do. Parents themselves will gain a clearer understanding of our own responses; from what happens in our brain when we are triggered and angry to valuable tools we can utilize to care for ourselves.

See you Thursday!

Implementing Behavior Changes

Thursday, August 5, 2010
with Kathy Salazar

Are you tired of listening to whining, arguing, crying, put-downs, back-talk, interrupting, teasing, or other unproductive behaviors your children engage in? Have you ‘had it’ with watching them talk with their mouths full; use their hands instead of their silverware to eat; hit or kick siblings; waste materials; or leave their belongings scattered around the house?

If so, this week’s forum is for you! Come and learn an extremely effective and respectful verbal strategy that is designed to modify and eliminate negative and undesirable behaviors. Parents will leave feeling empowered and confident in addressing behaviors you have tried for years to correct.

Open Discussion with Shaila Saint

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Now it's your turn!

Thursday's forum is the chance to bring those burning parenting questions and issues you have wanted to discuss all summer (but never had the time, energy or opportunuty to ask) as we open up the forum to a parenting community open discussion.

In addition to your questions, don't forget to bring your notebook/journal, pen, friends, and all your parenting insight and wisdom!

See you Thursday!

Emotionally Secure Children

with Kathy Salazar
Thursday, July 22, 2010

Living daily with active youngsters in your home now, it’s hard to imagine that one day your children will be grown up and experiencing adult relationships, even marriage! Yet, everyday we are laying the emotional groundwork for our children that will impact them powerfully as they grow and mature.

At last week’s forum, Shaila shared how ‘speaking’ your child’s love language and learning your own, can deepen the parent-parent and parent-child connections. This week our forum discussion will continue in that vein as we further explore the important things that parents can do now that will help ensure that their children are equipped with the skills they’ll need to connect securely and deeply with others later in life.

You may even be surprised to discover some reasons why you, as an adult, experience particular relationship joys and difficulties, based upon your early life experiences with your parents!

The 5 Love Languages: Deepening the Connection with Our Children

with Shaila Saint

July 15, 2010

Spend a midsummer's evening learning a new language! According to Dr. Gary Chapman (author of The 5 Love Languages and The Five Love Languages of Children), each of us feels and gives love in specific ways--what he calls our "love languages". By understanding both our love language and that of our children’s, we can better connect with each other and enhance our relationships together.

So bring your journal/notebook and pen and get ready for an evening full of discussion, reflection and a deeper awareness of what makes you and your children feel loved.

See you Thursday!

Building Self Esteem and Confidence

with Kathy Salazar
June 24, 2010

Looking for an alternative to, "Good job, Honey!”? Sometimes it just gets old, doesn’t it? And, is it really as effective as we think it is for building our child’s self-esteem and feelings of confidence and well-being?

What about when a child needs ‘correcting' .......when they ‘mess up’, make poor choices or simply aren’t up to the task and actually fail? Feelings of anger, disappointment and frustration sometimes interfere and keep us from helping children learn potent lessons from these situations.

Come to this week’s Forum to discover some practical and effective things to do and say that will help you to make the most of children's accomplishments and shortcomings. Learn techniques that encourage healthy, honest family communication!

Creating a Culture of Accountability

with Kathy Salazar
on Thursday, June 17, 2010

In this forum we will explore appropriate and effective ways of holding children accountable for the choices they make. Regardless of the age of your children, parents will gain strength and parental fortitude to set reasonable limits and follow through with appropriate consequences. We will also look at ways to prepare your children for increased responsibility and independence in school and at home.

A review of the April 29 forum, Taming Power Struggles, will be presented. Clicking on and reading the follow-up to that session will give you a headstart.
Follow-ups are found on the right sidebar.

The Family Balancing Act with Shaila Saint

Thursday, June 10

Everday as parents we make decisions striving to balance each family members' needs with the needs of the whole family. Whose needs will take priority? Whose needs will have to wait? Whose routines will be followed? Whose routines will be altered? As we all know, this ongoing "balancing act" is a never-ending and oftentimes overwhelming process.

This Thursday, get ready for a fun, thought provoking evening where we'll learn some strategies for finding our family balance, while practicing some actual balancing of our own!

Pleae wear loose and comfortable clothes that will allow you to move freely, and don't forget your journal/notebook and pen!

Looking forward to a fun and "Centering" Thursday night!

Those "BIG Feelings" with Shaila Saint

Thursday, May 27


How often have we felt confused or overwhelmed by the "big feelings" either expressed by our children or that are stirred up inside us as parents? Come discuss and reflect upon the reasons behind the feelings, learn positive strategies for offering support and validation, and gain new insights into cultivating stronger emotional connections between your whole family.

Don't forget your journal/notebook and pen for writing and reflecting..

See you on Thursday!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sibling relationships are often the most enduring and powerful of all human relationships. They last a life-time! Parents can help enrich their children's lives by encouraging positive sibling relationships.

Join in a lively exchange of 'what helps' and 'what doesn't' as you strive to encourage these important relationships in your home. Parents will appreciate insights and strategies shared from the well-known book Siblings Without Rivalry by Mazlish and Faber. Whether your children are teenagers, elementary or preschool age or if you're anticipating baby #2, there will be real help and encouragement for you at this week's forum!

Led by Cathy Bailey and Sandi Hill

Staying Present with Our Children with Shaila Saint

Thursday, May 13, 2010

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift. That is why it is called The Present”
- Oogway the turtle from the movie Kung Fu Panda

How often in our busy lives do we let what happened in the past or what's going to happen in the future, get in the way of enjoying the “gift” of being present with our children in the moment? Please join me as we discuss and reflect upon the barriers we face staying present with our children, learn some tools and tips for cultivating this awareness, and deepen our connections--both with our children and with ourselves.

Please bring a notebook/journal and pen for writing and reflecting...looking forward to seeing you Thursday!

Raising Your Spirited Child

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Per your request at our premier night, we are featuring a discussion this week on Mary Sheedy Kurcinka's book "Raising Your Spirited Child". Please join us this Thursday evening, May 6, as facilitators Cathy Bailey and Sandi Hill will give parents an opportunity to share their own challenges with the spirited children in their lives. This discussion will provide insight into spirited children, teach parents how to re-frame negative labels often given to spirited children and learn to celebrate each child's individuality and temperament. The evening will provide support for parents who have faced the challenges of living with spirited children and offer tools to handle every day situations that yield a more positive outcome.

Taming Power Struggles, with Kathy Salazar

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do you find yourself in power struggles without knowing how you got there or how to escape? Pickup and practice some new language strategies that actually prevent the battles, defuse conflict and empower both you and your child to search for and reach positive solutions. Emphasis is on the ‘power of choice’ for children and
parents, maintaining parental influence and teaching responsibility and respect. Appropriate and applicable to parents of children of all ages - toddlers to teens.

You won't want to miss this session!

Premier Night!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

We are excited to announce the premier of the Long Beach Parenting Forum!

Since the closing of the Long Beach City College Parent Education programs, we have been working together to offer a forum to provide meaningful, relevant and affordable parent education and support to our dedicated parents and families!

You are cordially invited to attend Premier Night on Thursday, April 15, 2010, 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. At the premier, we will be 'casting the vision' of this exciting new adventure as well as distributing a calendar of topics. We hope you will make plans to attend, and feel free to share this invitation with your friends and family!

Cathy Bailey, Sandi Hill, Kathy Salazar and Shaila Saint