Raising Your Spirited Child

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Per your request at our premier night, we are featuring a discussion this week on Mary Sheedy Kurcinka's book "Raising Your Spirited Child". Please join us this Thursday evening, May 6, as facilitators Cathy Bailey and Sandi Hill will give parents an opportunity to share their own challenges with the spirited children in their lives. This discussion will provide insight into spirited children, teach parents how to re-frame negative labels often given to spirited children and learn to celebrate each child's individuality and temperament. The evening will provide support for parents who have faced the challenges of living with spirited children and offer tools to handle every day situations that yield a more positive outcome.

1 comment:

  1. It was the hardest thing to hear the daycare teacher say to us yesterday: "Your son scratched 3 girls and punched a boy in the eye. I have only had one other child in my 25 years experience behave like yours!" I wish I had been able to attend this discussion, I am sure it would have been a valuable experience. My son is a very strong willed boy, yet he can be the most sweetest, loving and caring individual. Its like Jeckel & Hyde. He tell us all time, " I'm good boy. I'm good boy." I know he really wants to cooperate and to be praised.