Implementing Behavior Changes

Thursday, August 5, 2010
with Kathy Salazar

Are you tired of listening to whining, arguing, crying, put-downs, back-talk, interrupting, teasing, or other unproductive behaviors your children engage in? Have you ‘had it’ with watching them talk with their mouths full; use their hands instead of their silverware to eat; hit or kick siblings; waste materials; or leave their belongings scattered around the house?

If so, this week’s forum is for you! Come and learn an extremely effective and respectful verbal strategy that is designed to modify and eliminate negative and undesirable behaviors. Parents will leave feeling empowered and confident in addressing behaviors you have tried for years to correct.

Open Discussion with Shaila Saint

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Now it's your turn!

Thursday's forum is the chance to bring those burning parenting questions and issues you have wanted to discuss all summer (but never had the time, energy or opportunuty to ask) as we open up the forum to a parenting community open discussion.

In addition to your questions, don't forget to bring your notebook/journal, pen, friends, and all your parenting insight and wisdom!

See you Thursday!

Emotionally Secure Children

with Kathy Salazar
Thursday, July 22, 2010

Living daily with active youngsters in your home now, it’s hard to imagine that one day your children will be grown up and experiencing adult relationships, even marriage! Yet, everyday we are laying the emotional groundwork for our children that will impact them powerfully as they grow and mature.

At last week’s forum, Shaila shared how ‘speaking’ your child’s love language and learning your own, can deepen the parent-parent and parent-child connections. This week our forum discussion will continue in that vein as we further explore the important things that parents can do now that will help ensure that their children are equipped with the skills they’ll need to connect securely and deeply with others later in life.

You may even be surprised to discover some reasons why you, as an adult, experience particular relationship joys and difficulties, based upon your early life experiences with your parents!

The 5 Love Languages: Deepening the Connection with Our Children

with Shaila Saint

July 15, 2010

Spend a midsummer's evening learning a new language! According to Dr. Gary Chapman (author of The 5 Love Languages and The Five Love Languages of Children), each of us feels and gives love in specific ways--what he calls our "love languages". By understanding both our love language and that of our children’s, we can better connect with each other and enhance our relationships together.

So bring your journal/notebook and pen and get ready for an evening full of discussion, reflection and a deeper awareness of what makes you and your children feel loved.

See you Thursday!