The Parent Educators

Shaila has over 17 years experience teaching in the early childhood and parent education fields. The goal for all her classes is to provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment where she focuses on respect, observation, and self-reflection. She received her B.A. and M.Ed. from UC Santa Barbara and holds both Multiple Subject and Learning Handicapped teaching credentials. Her approach to families is influenced by a number of perspectives including Magda Gerber's RIE philosophy, the Mindfulness practices of the Kabat-Zinns and Thich Nhat Hahn, the philosophy of yoga, which she has been practicing regularly for the past 13 years, and most of all, by the wisdom and guidance of her own wonderful family; her husband Rob, and sons, Conor (13) and Kiki (9). 

After receiving her B.S. in Child Development from San Diego State University and completing coursework in Early Childhood Education and Human Development at Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, California, Kathy was employed in a variety of day care settings. She quickly realized that her most satisfying work came from spending time with and assisting the parents of the children in her daily care.

For 25 years she taught classes in Early Childhood Education and worked with children and their parents in the Parent Education program at Long Beach City College. Teaching at the college, as well as being a wife to husband, Rick and mother to 3 sons, afforded her the perfect opportunity to research effective family communication and parenting techniques.

In 2007 she discovered and researched the Parent Talk System which was founded and developed by Chick Moorman, finding it to be the most comprehensive, respectful and effective program to educate and inspire parents to help them achieve their desired objective of raising responsible, respectful children while reducing stress, strain and family conflict.

Kathy became a certified Parent Talk Trainer in 2008 and has conducted Parent Talk workshops and classes in a variety of settings including community college classes, preschool staff development, park and recreation classes, churches and private groups. She is passionate about offering practical tools, support and encouragement to parents of children of all ages!

Cathy Bailey found her passion and “true calling” nearly 30 years ago when she enrolled her daughter in a parent participation class through Long Beach City College.  After returning to college to expand her education to include Child Development, she joined the Long Beach City College Child Development Center in 1988 and retired this past May after 21 years.  Cathy has also worked with children and families in State funded, school district and private preschools.  Her latest venture is a parent participation/parent education preschool program called The Children’s Garden Developmental Preschool through the Long Beach Parks and Recreation Department opening September 2009.

A Masters degree in Public Health Administration also enabled her to teach curriculum classes in Child Development at Long Beach City College and to mentor countless parents, future educators, and community leaders.

The parent of two adult children, Cathy strongly believes in the importance of community and parent education in the process of giving children both “roots and wings” to complete their journey toward their unique destiny.

Sandi holds a B.A. from the University of San Diego and an M.A.E.D from the University of Phoenix. She is a former elementary educator with experience teaching 4th grade as well as middle school. She attended the LBCC Child Development Center with her two children and through that experience was impassioned to pursue a career in early childhood and parent education. She is co-founder, teacher, and parent educator at The Children’s Garden Pre-School. Her philosophy and ideals come from a variety of sources and she practices a balanced approach to teaching and parenting. She has a supportive husband, Matthew and two wonderful children, Brooke 8 and Brady 6.