Sibling Relationships with Shaila Saint

Thursday, August, 26, 2010

Okay, so it's late August...your children have been together ALL SUMMER...are you ready to get some support?

If so, come and join me this Thursday night.

We'll talk about our children, our goals for their relationships, and effective strategies to cultivate the vision we have for them for the future.

Whether your children are 5 months-old or 15 years-old, this forum is for you!

Don't forget your journal/notebook, your wisdom and insights and to bring a friend!!

See you Thursday!

Taming Power Struggles

Thursday, August 19, 2010
with Kathy Salazar

Do you find yourself in power struggles without knowing how you got there or how to escape? Pickup and practice some new language strategies that actually prevent the battles, defuse conflict and empower both you and your child to search for and reach positive solutions. Emphasis is on the ‘power of choice’ for children and parents, maintaining parental influence and teaching responsibility and respect. Appropriate and applicable to parents of children of all ages - toddlers to teens.

If you need a boost in your effectiveness in handling power struggles you won't want to miss this popular session!

Understanding Brain Development: Why Does My Child Do That?

Thursday, August 12, 2010
with Tova Pusl, Parent educator and co-founder, Functional Families

Parenting magnifies a range of feelings: joy, frustration and anger. We are often mystified by our child's behavior. Looking at how the brain grows and develops can help us to better understand behavior and ways to direct and shift our relationship with our child.

Join me in a discussion of brain and child development, where parents will learn age appropriate expectations for our children's behavior and understand why they do what they do. Parents themselves will gain a clearer understanding of our own responses; from what happens in our brain when we are triggered and angry to valuable tools we can utilize to care for ourselves.

See you Thursday!