Understanding Brain Development: Why Does My Child Do That?

Thursday, August 12, 2010
with Tova Pusl, Parent educator and co-founder, Functional Families

Parenting magnifies a range of feelings: joy, frustration and anger. We are often mystified by our child's behavior. Looking at how the brain grows and develops can help us to better understand behavior and ways to direct and shift our relationship with our child.

Join me in a discussion of brain and child development, where parents will learn age appropriate expectations for our children's behavior and understand why they do what they do. Parents themselves will gain a clearer understanding of our own responses; from what happens in our brain when we are triggered and angry to valuable tools we can utilize to care for ourselves.

See you Thursday!


  1. I am sorry I could not attend. I hope you present this topic again or do you have any references?

  2. I too missed this one and would love another chance to have this topic presented!